Organic Agriculture, Economic Sufficiency and Opportunity to the World Market

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Organic Agriculture, Economic Sufficiency and Opportunity to the World Market

            National Innovation Agency (NIA), the Ministry of Science and Technology cooperated with Asian Institute of Technology and the Thai Organic Trade Association hold the rite of Bangkok Declaration on collaboration in development the regional organic agriculture and had academic seminar on organic agriculture to declare leadership in development the regional agriculture at Miracle Grand Hotel on 8th September, 2008.

            In this meeting, the Bangkok Declaration was declared by Dr. Sujinda Chotipanit, Deputy Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Science and Technology, Chairman of National Innovation. He declared that the declaration today was like promise to declare the ways to develop, to build the operative network, to share experiences about the organic agriculture together, to plan permanently promoting and supporting in development the regional organic agriculture and to achieve the goal in development the permanently regional organic agriculture.

            There were very important seven points in the declaration; 1) leadership role setting to increase the capability for a group of organic agriculture in the second regional level, 2) participation in network to move the strategies of organic agriculture and broad network expanding, 3) sources for collecting data of organic agriculture development, 4) promoting exchanges knowledge through the regional seminar, 5) strengthening the way of operation and observance the objectives of stakeholders together, 6) supporting new stakeholders to get successful in business of organic agriculture sharing technical knowledge, checking the certified standard or doing research etc., 7) promoting the image, “Think organic…think Thailand”. 

             Operation of those points declared was under development of 4 strategic plans; 1) strategy to strengthen and manage knowledge and innovation in development of organic agriculture with 1,753.59 million baht, 2) strategy to development organic agriculture as the way of local wisdom with 2,431.14 million bath, 3) strategy to strengthen the potentiality of  commercial organic agriculture to international countries with 591.03 million bath, and 4) strategy to management to develop the organic agriculture with 51.10 million bath.

             “NIA very much emphasized on development organic business. It was an important one strategy apart from the strategy on biological plastics. It expected that within next 2 years NIA could support the project innovation of organic agriculture not less than 50 projects with 50 million baths.

            Moreover, these projects leaded to investment in entire business since production the products of organic agriculture, product transforming, marketing, doing research and knowledge development, new innovation such as new organic fertilizer and extracting  organic substances from nature, creating standard and type of innovative business such as organic resort, organic restaurant, organic hotel and consuming organic products.

            NIA could produce the network enterprises, academicians and entrepreneurs of organic agriculture to co-operate with management of organic agriculture. Moreover NIA pushed forward to have investment about business innovation which had total 12 projects with 13 million baths for supporting the project. It could average the value for investment at 67 million baths under the framework and mechanism on academic works and investment money of the National Innovation Agency (NIA),” said Dr. Supachai Lorlowhakarn, Director of the National Innovation Agency (NIA).

                “The project of organic resort business, beverage project from the powder of organic brown sprout rice, the project of organic soap, model factory of organic fertilizer from photosynthesized bacteria, project of diaper from organic cotton etc., so to achieve the objectives to the image of Thailand and result in new business in Thailand to be strength expanding Thai market to international market. These projects were leaded to create the product brands on the organic agriculture with abroad market acceptance under the slogan, “Think Organic…Think Thailand,”” said Dr.Supachai Lorlowhakarn