Problems and Abstracters of Thai Organic Agriculture on Production and Promotion Markets

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Problems and Abstracters of Thai Organic Agriculture on Production and Promotion Markets

Miss Sarin Salim (2007)



          There are varieties of selective agricultures. One of those is organic agriculture started from European countries confronted the problems from chemical agriculture. So, they interested to selective agricultures to decrease the effectives from the process of production. Thai organic agriculture has started since 1992 B.E. and has continuously developed until the present time. However, it has not got complete success because there are problems the both production and promotion markets.

            The causes resulting in markets of organic agriculture not to get successful can be explained by the market failure which has important factors as these followings;

1.      There is market power of farmers because there is less supply, numbers of famer and organic areas.

2.      There are externalities. What the production of chemical system affecting to externality and what the production of organic system realizing to effectives of externality must hiring many workers to look after them instead of not using chemicals , chemical substances and weed killers. With this reason the price of organic products increases at 30-60 %.

3.      There is imperfect information. The consumers have least information about organic products and organic agriculture, so they don’t interest in the importance and popularity of organic agriculture.

The way to solute those problems for promotion the organic agriculture, it must co-operate the both private sector and government sector (farmers and consumers) to give knowledge and make understanding on the basic principle of organic agriculture and advantages of organic agriculture on natural conservation and safety to consumers. Moreover it is to have advantages to develop the quality of natural resource and environment and also the quality of life of people in the country.