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ACFS. Workshops Tutoring export regulations. Pressure for the organic market, the EU.

Mr. Charnnarong Deputy Director of the National Bureau of Agricultural Commodity and Food Standards (ACFS). Revealed that the government has a policy to support organic agriculture as a national agenda. But the push to export organic products of Thailand. Must include many factors, including the market. Understanding the rules of trade records. Including the trends and demands of consumers. Nowadays, most organic products are becoming popular among consumers in the European Union. Therefore, the understanding of the regulatory and market trends in the EU, it is essential that the public and private sectors will need to monitor closely.
The ACFS., And a representative office in Thailand, the European Commission jointly organized a seminar on the topic. The trade of organic products in the EU, Thailand held on December 8 at the Rama Garden Hotel. To disseminate knowledge of the rules of the organic products. Thailand as well as to the operator's needs of consumers. Market trends and other relevant standards. To encourage operators and relevant government departments to focus on the various measures. Which should be useful to public and private sector has led to the application of the guidelines to improve value-added products and the marketing of organic products of Thailand in the EU in the future.
For lectures in this seminar. Are subject to several issues such as the strategy of applying the three aspects of the EU organic products by Mr. Michel Launay experts from ECOCERT organic rules of the EU Commission Mr.Denis de Froidmont. agriculture and rural development. And discussions. Thailand trade channels of organic products in the EU. By a scholar and expert panelists.