Responsible for operations marketing organic products

Operating authority information marketing organic products.

Counseling in the framework and development capabilities, manufacturing, marketing and export of organic products of a province or group of provinces with the work. Laboratory Information Management Center marketing of organic products. Including the schedule of events. To promote marketing. Organic products to meet the standards and requirements of the market. Functions as follows.
1. Collect. Analysis. Data processing productivity. And marketing of organic products of the province as the source and link information between relevant agencies, both domestic and abroad.
2. Proposed plan / project Monitoring and evaluation. Integrated program / project With relevant government agencies and the private sector to promote organic products.
3. Working to empower entrepreneurs in the region to allow for the expansion of organic farming and sustainability.
4. Promote the image of organic products. Through various forms of media, public relations and promotional activities to help farmers. Households with incomes.
5. Distribution of organic products. And is available in the form of information to government agencies and private operators, farmers and the public through information operations, marketing organic products. Associated with data center and network of the Ministry of Commerce.
6. Perform other tasks. As assigned.